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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mohawk Girls

I just realized, I've never mentioned the show #MohawkGirls here on my blog. Its a fantastic show involving 4 lovely Native ladies living on the Kahnawake Reserve, in America it'd be called a Reservation. Think Native Sex in the City ..... and Kahnawake's close proximity to Montreal offers a big city contrast to Kahnawake's small town vibe. If you can see it, DO! its a fun show , great to see town on a show. Alas being in NYC its hard to see as its on Canada's Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Thankfully I've seen good news on that front and #APTN is in talks to come to America. Can't wait! I hope #Amazon offers it thru their #FireTV ala carte. I'd happily pay a few bucks a month to see Mohawk Girls and Cooking with the Wolfman and the rest.

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