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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Jedeye 3D Camera RTFM

Jedeye 3D Camera RTFM Sometimes my brain does not work very well. It seems that the Jedeye 3D has a microphone input that I didn’t realize also I’ve been exporting my edited videos at the completely wrong aspect ratio the Jedeye shoots at 2.69 to 1 I’ve been exporting it 16 x 9 unfortunately Lumafusion doesn’t have that size so exporting at 2.72 to 1 which is closest to it. I plugged my Rode SmartLav+ into the Jedeye for this and it sounds GREAT. I can’t believe I missed the fact that it has a line in making it SOOOOOO much better for Vlogging.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

First look at the Jedeye 3D Stereoscopic Camera

First look at the Jedeye 3D Stereoscopic Camera here’s a quick look at the Jedeye camera which Fengyun vision technology was kind enough to loan us to review. We are not being paid for our review and this device has to go back once we are done so we won’t be biased. In the few hours I’ve played with it today I like it. Love that it’s got 2 Sony sensors in it. Check out our Blog at for a few example photos we shot indoors as NYC is under Storm Watch..... AGAIN. Please Subscribe Thanks for checking this out. The full review should come out in a few weeks.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fun with the Jedeye 3D Stereoscopic Camera

 Here’s a few images that I shot earlier with the Jedeye 3d stereoscopic camera then fooled around a bit with on my iPadPro. Thank you to Fengyun for sending us this camera to review. Youtube unboxing coming soon. So far this is a fun little camera, hopefully the weather breaks soon and we can stop getting snow here in NYC so i can get out in the world and shoot.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

COD WWII Crate opening

COD WWII Crate opening about 25 crates and get a fair number of weapons in the process

Monday, March 5, 2018

360 VR and more

360 VR and more taking a look at our HMD’s for 360 and VR including the lovely Fabric one sent to us by the folks at Veer and a nifty Bluetooth controller as well as a couple of 360 camera’s. Shot on our Sony A7 with a Tamron 28-70mm F2.8 Tamron Lens.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Crazy panorama ideas

Watching some old videos of me using a Sony 16mm F2.8 lens for Crop frame on my A7 in Full Frame and using an old wide angle teleconverter the wheels in my head turning. 16mm Times .43 wise angle OH MY 6.8mm FOV hmmmmmm evil grin 😜

Sunday, February 25, 2018

360 video chatter and a surprise

360 video chatter and a surprise we got a surprise in mail while we shot some 360 images in Woodside NY for Google Street View
Using a 3 section folding selfie stick with the Samsung Gear 360 2017