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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Well I just finished reading the book "The Casquette Girls"($0.99 kindle edition) which was very nice read. So now I'm in a Vampyre mood so giving Shayne Leightons book "Of light and darkness:the vampires daughter" a shot. Bonus is it's currently FREE for the Kindle.

Contemplating springing for Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 a month
Below a photo of The Old Ursuline Convent which figures into The Casquette Girls story quite prominently ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some thoughts on possible upcoming events on Sons of Anarchy :-)

Some CRAZY Theories on whats to come on SOA this season No insider info, no little whispers from the set just the products of my deranged imagination. Comment below if you think I;m right or wrong or just a crackpot :-) My thoughts on what may happen on Sons of Anarchy this season

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

C Mount lens adapted for use on Sony NEX camera

I am pleasantly shocked that the Fujian 35mm C mount lens does not vignette on the Sony NEX series camera even tho it has an APS-C sized sensor which is many times the size of the 2/3" sensor this lens was designed for. A happy discovery to say the least. The Fujian 35mm F1.7 lens was under $30 and the adapter another $7 or so. Definitely a bargain for a fast prime lens that gives a nice look to footage.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Slider in the sky

Latest video a nice slider shot of a lovely blue sky with some fluffy white clouds, shot on a Sony.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sunrise over Gravesend

Here's a couple of lovely images I shot a few mornings ago while walking about in lovely Gravesend Brooklyn. Captured as always with a mirrorless camera as I'm now a staunch convert to hybrid shooting since I love to shoot video as much as I enjoy stills. In the autofocus department I think Panasonic still edging out Sony a bit and both are miles ahead of the Canon EOS-M.

The EOS-M on the other hand becomes quite the little movie camera once you install Magic Lantern on it. In upcoming posts I'll discuss Magic Lantern more and more as it truly unlocks the potential of the tiny little EOS-M , which some liken to a tiny mirrorless version of Canon's T4i albeit with slow autofocus. I wish Magic Lantern had the ability to change autofocus speeds like it can change video acquisition bitrates to upto 3 times its original spec.

A couple of lovely images I grabbed a few mornings ago. Hope you folks enjoy them

Mad Mohawk Films

Early Halloween

Yesterday afternoon I visited The Old Gravesend Cemetery here in Brooklyn and shot some lovely footage. I edited it together with some nice music from Youtube's Create library and a nice greeting for the viewers. Please take a look if you enjoy films in the Horror vein tho really no scares in this footage.
The old Gravesend Cemetery was established sometime around 1658 and it is believed that the founder of Gravesend, Lady Deborah Moody is among those buried here. The cemetery is not open to the public and access is available by appointment only.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Quadcopter..... WOW!!!

My buddy bought one of these DSLRPro Phantom 2 Quadcopters, was testing it during lunch today. Quite impressive for capturing Airiel footage with a GoPro on a Gimbal. Pricey beasts but the footage possibilities are amazing. The GoPro 4k footage makes me drool. I am equally impressed by the fact that there is an iPad app that will let you create a flight plan for this to follow. The video effects possibilities of a motion controlled camera are no small thing and the $2000 or so price tag fairly insignificant when thought of in these terms tho I've not looked too deeply into the possibilities of this Quadcopter for fear that I become mesmerized into purchasing one myself. I think for the time being it far more prudent to pay someone to get the shots I need with one than for me to invest in my own. to have a peek at it being used. I'll link his footage once he posts on YouTube.

Here's my buddy's footage from same day

A still taken of my friends DSLRPRO Toronto quadcopter