Prime Trial

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Concentrating on Vintage glass

Good evening folks, we've been concentrating on Vintage Glass lately. So many inexpensive fast primes out there that are easily adaptable to other systems makes it easy to build a nice set of primes fairly inexpensively piece by piece. Our next video will likely be no exception, more than likely it will be a Vivitar 135mm F2.8 in Canon FD mount. Most of my vintage primes are Canon FD mount in fact tho I have adapters for Nikon, Pentax-110 and even C mount. Hoping to fill the holes in my Canon FD mount prime collection but patience is needed to find them at good prices. For example lately I've been pricing 85mm primes....... So far it's looking more cost effective to get a used Rokinon 85mm than a vintage one which kinda bugs me out. Having a vault full of vintage is NICE tho and of course once I've got a complete set I'm sure then the bug to get the fastest primes will take over. Keep your lenses in good shape they'll last a long long time and continue to produce stunning images.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Teleconverter for Video?

While going thru some of my camera gear I stumbled across an old Vivitar .43 Wide Angle Teleconverter. Sice I already had my Canon 28mm FD Lens on my Sony I decided to shoot some video with it to see if it's useable , the results shocked me frankly. I don't think I'd use this for Stills but seems quite useable for video. Some Footage of the Teleconverter in action