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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Huzzah Scythe made the goal

Congratulations Jim Rothnman and cast for getting this project funded and raising over $53,000. I'm happy to have been a contributor and look forward to its release. SCYTHE - A Realistic Slasher Film, via @Kickstarter

Note for others, send us a Press Release we will happily post it here. Tip.... If you price the rewards too high you'll have a harder time enticing contributors. IOW if you go over about $40 to get a physical copy of your movie. Many folks will not pledge. $40 is about what it costs for a couple to go to a movie and snacks. Those wanting $75 or $100 to get a DVD or Blu Ray of their film. I will not consider pledging. My 2 cents your mileage may vary.

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