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Thursday, May 5, 2016

'The Movie Should Be About You': 'Babysitter' Director on Why the First Feature is its Own Genre

"If I could make this film again, I would make it much more explicit. I would give less of a f*ck about pissing people off or being politically incorrect."

Babysitter, which premiered at SXSW last year and was just released on iTunes and Amazon, is an exposĂ© on the chaos of middle-class life alongside an unusual sexual awakening—Max (Max Burkholder), a confused kid in high school, falls in love with his babysitter.

No Film School interviewed writer/director Morgan Krantz twice: once just after his SXSW 2015 premiere and once a couple weeks before his May 3rd VOD release. Below, we juxtapose some of Krantz's answers to get a sense of the perceptions and lessons that have calcified over time. Krantz also talks about how he learned to embrace the personal nature of his storytelling.

NFS: This feels like a very personal story. How do you approach that subject matter without it feeling overly diaristic?

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