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Thursday, May 5, 2016

P+S Technik Introduces New Full-Frame Front Anamorphic 1.5x 35-70mm T3.2 Lens

P+S Technik, a German company known for camera and lens accessories, has added a new front-anamorphic zoom to their product line, the PS-Zoom 35-70mm CS T3.2 in PL mount.

The lens has an anamorphic squeeze ratio of 1.5X. While not being the traditional 2X squeeze used historically, 1.5X is enough squeeze to take a 16:9 frame towards the 2.39 of Cinemascope with a little extra room on the sides to crop. Cameras without a 4:3 mode would then be able to shoot anamorphic and maintain the traditional scope instead of merely cropping the frame to fit. Camera tests showed a strong flare along with other anamorphic distortions. The lens can cover RED's 6K sensor and was shown on a Sony mirrorless SLR, and P+S Technik also manufactures the EF and E-Mount adapters for their PL lenses. The lens itself costs €21500 (about $24,700), so it's primarily a rental option, but it's a good rental option if you're looking to shoot anamorphic with a 16:9 sensor with PL, EF, or E-Mount.

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