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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

IDX's New Duo-C Batteries Power Your Camera...And Your Cell Phone

These new D-tap and X-tap batteries are both practical and affordable.

IDX's new V-log Duo C-Series batteries are slimmer and more powerful than the previous model, not to mention half the price of their name brand competitors. According to IDX, the Duo-C 190 will now get you 185 watt hours vs. 146 watt hours, and it has several cool new features. It contains 2 D-Taps, a clutch USB port for charging your phone or tablet and a third D-Tap that IDX is calling the "D-Tap Advanced" which features a third pin used for charging. The Duo-C 95 is even smaller and lightweight than the Duo-C 190, so if you're a run n' gun type, this travel-friendly battery will hold a charge for up to 100 watt hours. You can grab the Duo-C 190 for $450 and the Duo-C 95 for $350 starting mid-May.

They also showed off their new 2-channel simultaneous charger, the VL-200S, and their 7.4V X-Tap battery systems for Panasonic, Canon and Sony Cameras. Like the C-series, the X-Taps are less expensive than their name brand competitors.

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