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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lightweight Run & Gun 4K system

Here's a tongue in cheek look at a Lightweight Run & Gun 4K system, it's not totally far fetched of course as the #Panasonic #LX100 shoots gorgeous #4K footage with it's super sharp #Leica 24-75mm F1.7-28 equivalent #FOV lens. The LX100 , #DMC-G7 and the fabulous #GH4 all share the same Micro 4/3 sensor I believe and the camera has built in stabilization as well which is another plus to this budget rig. It's sitting in most of a #Sony #A7 cage from #SmallRig and has a #Rode #VideoMicro on it's hotshoe and attached to the side #cheesebar is the #Tascam #DR22WL digital recorder to grab sound as the LX100 alas lacks a microphone input and headphone monitor jack so recording external sound is a must. This can then replace the scratch track captured by the camera's built in mic's. Final Cut Pro X makes short work of this as does Red Giant's Pluraleyes. Why do I say it's most of a SmallRig cage? Simple, I had to remove the top plate to give myself room for the mini shotgun mic. Yes at some point I will shoot this contraption handheld. Perhaps a trip to Coney Island is in order to give this a bit of a workout. What do you think of this mini rig? BTW I think I'm going to kill off the WordPress version of this Blog and simply post here ONLy, and on Facebook Page and Twitter @MadMohawkFilms of course and Youtube etc. Have a great night. Hope this brought a smile to your face or a glint to your eye.

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