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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Inspire Yourself with Creative Restrictions in These 3 Single-Location Shorts

In film, every artistic decision is, by necessity, an economic one.

Many short filmmakers plan their films around their locations, taking stock of their resources before they even set pen to pad (or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be). Take Jean Luc-Godard's low-budget feature, the revolutionary sci-fi film Alphaville, which created a futuristic otherworldly production design entirely from 1960s Paris:

But creative constraints need not be, well, constraining. In fact, they can be liberating. In this Light Film School article, Courtney Hope sings the praises of shooting your short in one location. "You can keep your film contained in scale without necessarily constricting the story," she writes. "Some stories lend themselves quite naturally to the confines of a single space. Others are even augmented by it, making the location its own character and player in the drama."

Check out these three single-location shorts to get some inspiration for your own.

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