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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Amazon Echo family

So have the Alec Baldwin commercials Intrigue you with the Amazon Echo? Does the $180 price for the echo and the $129.99 price of the Amazon Echo tap and the $89.95 price for the echo dot make you think twice about your idea. If you have the Amazon Fire TV stick you do know that Alexa is built into that now and what you also may not know is that you can now link Bluetooth speakers and headphones to the Amazon Fire TV stick as long as you give the stick power I believe you should be able to use it with the voice remote or the voice remote app on an Android or iOS phone and get some of the echo families versatility I know it works for my Amazon Fire TV box I have not actually tried it with the Amazon Fire TV stick phone last night I was listening to Amazon Prime music with my television off through a pair of nice CJ sound Bluetooth headphones from the Amazon Fire TV box so it may be something to take a look at and try. Good luck Intrepid Travellers and Godspeed.

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