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Saturday, March 19, 2016

How Cinematography Blurs the Lines of Power & Morality in 'The Dark Knight'

The lines between morality and corruption, order and chaos, power and disenfranchisement have never been so difficult to identify as they were in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight — and the film's cinematography does a lot to keep it that way.

Nolan and DP Wally Pfister managed to utilize camera placement, camera movement, and other cinematographic techniques to contribute to the complex and, at times, abstract concepts in The Dark Knight, something Nicholas Dobbie explores in the video essay below:

Some of the major themes explored in The Dark Knight center on several dichotomies, like (as I listed earlier) morality and corruption, order and chaos, and power and disenfranchisement, and Batman and The Joker are the visual representations of these dichotomies. And because the lines between these dichotomies are blurred in the film, Nolan and Pfister had to find ways to also blur the lines between the two title characters cinematically.

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