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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SmallHD 500/700 Monitors Get De-Log LUTs, Canon Battery Percentage in Firmware 2.2

SmallHD now has a full lineup of 5" and 7" external monitors, which include the 701 and 702 Lite series announced last month.

Now just released new firmware 2.2 that enables full support for those monitors, and also gives us tons of new features for the rest of the 500 and 700 series, like a full library of de-log LUTs. This lets us look at any log material in a correct Rec709 color space, so we can record a flat image without having to look at it that way. We also have better indication for battery life remaining with Canon LP-E6. It's now possible to see both voltage and percentage remaining for chipped Canon batteries, and we also get a Low Battery warning below 15% on top of the video.

Check out a video that shows off some of these features:

Here is everything that's been added:

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