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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

'Hunter-Gatherer' Director Josh Locy on Why Now is the Time to Make Small Movies

Executive producers David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, and Jody Hill (among others) enable the story of one man's reintegration into life in South LA.

What sounds like a heavy story of redemption actually finds its way to an light, up-tempo story of a man (Andre Royo, who took home the SXSW Jury Prize for Best Actor) trying to prove himself to the woman he still loves. The cast is rounded out with charming performances by George Sample III (Cronies) and several unknowns, lending a realistic backdrop to the bizarre rabbit hole.

No Film School spoke with Royo, Sample and director Josh Locy about performance, shooting select sequences on super 16, and taking narrative risks.

NFS: How has the reception been so far?

Joshua Locy: I think it's been pretty positive. We've got some reviews trickling out that are positive. I sat through the premiere last night and the people were laughing at the stuff they should laugh at. People are cringing at the stuff they should cringe at. I think it's doing really well.

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