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Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Not to Pitch a Movie: Production Execs Tell All

There’s no delicate way to say it: If you’re trying to get your first script made, the odds are stacked against you.

Last year, Shaked Berenson's company got 28 scripts from agents, double that number from managers, and slightly more from producers. About ten times that number were unsolicited.

Epic Pictures Group made five films that year. Guess how many of those scripts came from the unsolicited pile? (Hint: It rhymes with “DeNiro.”)

So what’s an aspiring screenwriter/director/producer to do? Berenson and his fellow SXSW 2016 panelists, who have decades of Hollywood producing experience between them, gave a few pointers. The group included Gudrun Giddings, CEO of G4C Innovation; Travis Stevens, CEO of Snowfort Pictures (whose film Teenage Cocktail is playing at this year’s fest); and Winnie Kemp, Director of Development at Super Deluxe/Turner.

"We pick our projects by the people themselves, because making a movie is gonna be a very long road. It’s a marriage."

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