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Friday, March 18, 2016

How Can Your Work Stand Out When It’s Competing With Everything Ever Made?

Moments of uncertainty are moments of opportunity for creators. And it is indeed a moment of uncertainty in the entertainment business.

Ad models are changing. Distribution models are changing. Viewing habits are changing. Is anything a sure thing in the entertainment business these days?

Three industry bigwigs sat down at SXSW to share some wisdom with a packed house of filmmakers eager to learn how to take advantage of shifting audience and distribution paradigms. Their revelations may surprise you.

Natalie Jarvey, who moderated the panel, is a staff writer at The Hollywood Reporter; panelist Lisa Hsia is Executive Vice-President of Digital Media at Bravo & Oxygen; panelist Erik Flannigan is Executive Vice-President of Music & Multi-Platform Strategy at Viacom; and panelist Sam Toles is the Head Of Global Content & Distribution at Vimeo.

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