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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Amazon Fire TV

Picked up a Amazon Fire TV box today this way I can plug in via Ethernet and avoid buffering troubles do Wi-Fi issues. I also noted that I could link Bluetooth headsets and speakers to it so I can now play Amazon Prime music through a Bluetooth device with the TV off I'm not sure if I could do that with the firetv stick I never actually tried it would be nice if it does work. I will have to try that at some point and I will of course mention it here for all you lovely readers. Now that Alexa is built into the Fire TV box I kind of regret ordering the Amazon Echo. I think I can get the same capabilities by simply adding an Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth receiver to my clock radio. So yes I will have more experimenting to do I will of course let you guys know if I get the firetv stick itself to work with Bluetooth headsets and speakers which would be wonderful so it would kind of negate the need for the new Echo Tap & Echo dot.

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