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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

5 Directors, 1 Film: 'collective: unconscious' Makes History at SXSW

What happens when five strangers adapt one another’s dreams into five short films? Things get weird!

The journey of making a single film can be long and winding. Throw in the chaos of trying to make money, launch a career, and market yourself, and you can forget the creative inspiration that got you here in the first place.

“Maybe that’s what a short film actually is,” said Frances Bodomo, one of the filmmakers of collective:unconscious. “Remembering that there is experimentation and trying things out — things people try to knock out of you to become a 'professional' filmmaker.”

Helmed by executive producer Dan Schoenbrun (who came up with the idea), filmmakers Lily Baldwin (Sleepover LA), Frances Bodomo (Afronauts), Daniel Patrick Carbone (Hide Your Smiling Faces), Josephine Decker (Thou Wast Mild and Lovely), and Lauren Wolkstein (Social Butterfly) put together a feature film as mind-bending and unique as it is cohesive. After you see it, you'll think about it for days. To be sure, this weird experiment in omnibus filmmaking is something all filmmakers should know about.

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